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This page last modified on , Feb 11 , 2010

Custom Gauges for BugE dash   (for AGM Blue top batteries)

Installed 3.00 X 16 rear tire and 5 inch lift kit 9/22/07
Also installed same 3.00 X 16 tires on front 4/08

Chassis VIN number..... serial # 9

More instrument panel showing brake micro switches.
Dual brake lever on left and locking lever on right

Had to mount mirrors on brackets to raise them up.... brackets are unpainted while testing the location.
The canopy fastens to the body via the trim strip and front bolt + Velcro.
Waiting for new 24 volt headlights. The new electrical design does not need an inverter.

Main power disconnect and knob for holding seat section to battery box

Battery box. ... note 2 fuses for controller and motor. Controller is mounted to heatsink so that controller heat is transferred to the frame. added reverse and main contactor getting ready for new reversing motor due next month

Main power disconnect
The fuse shown is the controller 250 amp main fuse. The motor has another 300 amp fuse.
The seat assembly has no electrical hardware so it can be removed to service the battery box.

9/22/07......The EV grin

New Charger bank
4 -12 volt 6 amp chargers. This keeps the battery pack balanced

left side of lift kit and new reversing motor installed

Main and reversing contactor

Ready to go ....

Installed new Kelly 400 amp controller 4/08 this picture shows old Alltrax controller

Old pre 4/08 dash shown